Zelina Vega Comments On WWE Release…On Her Twitch Channel

Zelina Vega
Credit: WWE

News broke late yesterday that WWE had surprisingly released Zelina Vega from her contract.

Whilst no concrete reasoning was made clear, speculation immediately pointed to recent rows over WWE demanding their superstars terminate third party relationships with companies like Twitch and Cameo.

Indeed, Vega herself had commented on Twitter mere minutes before her release that she was in favour of unionisation.

PWInsider reached out to a number of sources who seemed to confirm this was the reasoning, commenting with the following:

“Multiple WWE sources have confirmed to PWInsider.com that today’s release of Zelina Vega was fallout from last month’s edict that talents drop their relationships with third party entities such as Twitch, Cameo, etc. in favor of World Wrestling Entertainment spearheading those relationships and fielding talents out as part of their contractual duties.”

Further speculation linked a report of her husband Aleister Black requesting (and being denied) a move back to NXT to the firing. Clearly the couple have not been happy in WWE in recent times.

Now Vega has broken her silence during a Twitch stream following her release. Of the situation, she seemed very pragmatic about the situation, telling her viewers the following:

“My first love is wrestling and I’m not giving that up. I’m sad and I’m completely heartbroken. Obviously, this isn’t the last that you are gonna see of me…I love you all though and I’m really really thankful to every single one of you. If I go down as someone who stood up for themselves, so be it. I’m still thankful, I’m not angry. I’m just heartbroken because doing this, being a wrestler is all I ever wanted to do. I don’t really know what to say, there’s so many things I want to say but I don’t know how.”

She also thanked WWE for taking a chance on a ‘four foot nothing woman’ to live out her dreams.

With Vega being a free agent, the most obvious speculation will link her with a landing spot in AEW. Their women’s division sorely needs a performer of her caliber and with their active encouragement of engaging with fans on other platforms, she will be able to maintain her creativity across multiple mediums.