WWE’s Adam Pearce Looking Forward To “One More Day In The Sun”

Adam Pearce

He’s used to holding gold – but only around ten pounds of it.

Former multi-time NWA Worlds Champion Adam Pearce is Roman Reigns’ surprise opponent for the Royal Rumble.

Recently acting in a General Manager role without being formally appointed, ‘Scrap Iron’ was forced into the qualification gauntlet by Paul Heyman.

Now knowing he has a date with Reigns at the end of the month, Pearce has posted his thoughts on Twitter.

Pearce is ready for “one more day in the sun”, although we don’t yet know if WWE will showcase his wrestling ability.

Pearce would be more than capable, but it would be no surprise if he was treated like a non-competitor in the match.

You can find all the details for the Royal Rumble here.