WWE Seemingly Set For UK Stadium Show This Year

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A new report indicates that WWE are planning to run a show in the United Kingdom during the second half of 2022 which is being touted as being run in a stadium.

Mike Johnson from PWInsider has followed up on this week’s Elimination Chamber premium live event by reporting that WWE is set to return to Saudi Arabia in either October or November this year. Further to this, he also commented that the company is set to run a “Stadium Show” in the United Kingdom over Labour Day weekend, which is 3rd and 4th September.

The seeds for this could have been sewn somewhat when WWE recently hosted the Enter The Universe event on the famous Wembley Way in London.

The event featured an appearance from The Street Profits and Bianca Belair alongside a number of top NXT UK talents, and gave fans the chance to create their own entrance along the iconic walkway.

Although no stadium is confirmed officially at this stage and there are plenty of options around the United Kingdom, many fans began to speculate that Wembley Stadium would host another event following the infamous SummerSlam back in 1992.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp hinted at this back in October 2021, commenting that there was a pay-per-view planned in the UK over Labour Day weekend, lending weight to Mike Johnson’s report. However, the added factor of it potentially being held in an outdoor spice adds plenty of extra spice to the potential for the show.