WWE Survivor Series To Pay Tribute To The UnderTaker’s 30th Anniversary

WWE Survivor Series 2020 - The Undertaker's Final Farewell

With the 30th Anniversary of The Undertaker’s WWE debut looming large this month, WWE are clearly going big on the month as a tribute to The Deadman, culminating in Survivor Series itself being dedicated to The Phenom.

The PPV takes place on Sunday November 22nd, exactly 30 years to the day since The Undertaker made his debut at the 1990 Survivor Series and WWE announced the Deadman theme to the event during last night’s Hell In A Cell pay per view.

In addition, the WWE Network’s month long ’30 Days Of The Deadman’ monthly programming slate began last night with the release of a documentary looking into Taker’s rivalry with Randy Orton. A new documentary is due to be released each Sunday, culminating in The Underaker’s return to the Broken Skull Ranch for a post-retirement follow up to their hugely popular ‘Broken Skull Sessions’ from 2019.

Credit: WWE

The full schedule is as follows:

  • Available Now: WWE Untold: The Phenom & The Legend Killer
  • Sunday November 1st: Meeting Mark Calaway
  • Sunday November 8th: The Mortician – The Story Of Paul Bearer
  • Sunday November 15th: Brothers Of Destruction
  • Sunday November 22nd: ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions – The Undertaker

There seems little doubt that we will see Taker take his Thunderdome bow at Survivor Series but the form this takes remains to be seen. Here’s hoping his retirement remains sacrosanct and we just get to pay tribute to one of wrestling’s most enduring legends one last time.