WWE Smackdown Star Big E On Backstage Interactions With The Undertaker

Big E
Photo Credit: WWE

Big E recently gave an interview with Sportskeeda. During the interview, he talked about his backstage interactions with the Undertaker, and more.

On the career of The Undertaker celebrating 30 years, Big E said:

Man, I guess you can think about so many incredible things he’s done during his career. I just watched…I think the WWE Untold with Randy and Taker and that was incredible. Just going back to their feud. But for me, what I think of is just the times backstage. I’ve been fortunate to call him a co-worker in many ways. Even though he’s still ‘that guy,’ he’s kinda thought about as the godfather of wrestling in many ways.

He also talked about how The Undertaker’s kids were fans of The New Day.

But I think back to backstage, talking to him, meeting his kids, hearing that his kids are New Day fans. I remember a conversation where he told me, ‘Man, I watched you when you first came up and I had no idea you had as much personality as you showed.’ So just hearing that, that backstage conversation, I don’t remember where it was but just being backstage. And just getting that…it just made my day. Really made more than just my day to be complimented by a guy like that, a man of his stature was incredible. So, I was appreciative of just that simple moment, even just getting to know his kids are backstage from time to time and getting to say hello to them.

Big E is now doing the media and podcasts round solo, after his New Day cohorts Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston were drafted to Raw during the WWE draft.

More of the interview is in the video below: