WWE Reveal Identity Of ‘SmackDown Hacker’ On Raw

SmackDown Hacker

The SmackDown hacker was belatedly revealed on this weeks episode of Raw. As expected when the angle was truly ‘a thing’, the culprit was Mustafa Ali.

At the time that the angle was being promoted in May/June this year, the mystery hacker was used mainly as a plot device to reveal previously secret interactions between other wrestlers to further their storylines. By far the most prominent usage was to reveal that Sonya Deville had been conspiring with Dolph Ziggler to keep her supposed friend and Otis from coupling up.

Credit: WWE

Just as speculation mounted that Ali was the man in the Dr Claw style swivel chair, the angle was dropped and Ali was moved to Raw (Then back to SmackDown, then to Raw again, all without making an appearance).

Two weeks ago, Ali was revealed as the leader of the much maligned RETRIBUTION stable and over the last few days, speculation mounted that WWE would tie the two angles together as they both shared the same ‘hacktivist’ undertones.

On Raw, this came to pass as Ali did indeed announce that he had been the hacker. Will this have any significant bearing on storylines going forward? Or did WWE simply retro-fit the two stories together to tie up a loose end? We will let you form your own thoughts on that.

RETRIBUTION once again lost to The Hurt Business last night and then took a beating from The Fiend. It is fair to say they have been far from a force so far on Raw.