WWE Hall Of Famer Pat Patterson Dies, Aged 79

Pat Patterson
Credit: WWE

The wrestling world is saddened to learn of the passing of the legendary Pat Patterson.

The news has been confirmed by WWE.

Patterson began his career in 1958 in Canada. Before he eventually made his way to the WWF, Patterson appeared in promotions all over the USA. Perhaps his most prominent position during his territory days was his tag team with Ray Stevens, based mainly in San Francisco. The team won multiple titles in their four year run from 1965 onwards.

When he signed with Vince McMahon’s group he was soon anointed as the first Intercontinental Champion having famously ‘won’ a tournament in Rio De Janiero that never actually took place.

After retiring in 1984, Patterson became one of the most influential creative hands in WWE and a close advisor of Vince McMahon. Patterson is thought to be the best of all time at creating match finishes and is also credited as the creative father of the Royal Rumble match.

In the late 1990s, Patterson was brought to the attention of a whole new fanbase as he and Jerry Brisco excelled as a comedy duo known as ‘The Stooges’, Mr McMahon’s inept on screen gophers. The pair were a hugely underrated part of the whole Mr McMahon act.

Patterson was one of the highest profile gay men in professional wrestling. He made no secret of his sexuality backstage but it was never acknowledged on screen until he took part in the WWE Network series ‘Legends House’ in 2014 where he spoke publicly about his private life for the first time. Patterson’s long term partner of 40 years, Louis Dondero was a fixture behind the scenes in the company until his death in June 1998.

Pat Patterson was amongst the first names inducted in to the WWE Hall Of Fame, back in 1996.