WWE Files Cancellation Notice For ‘Cody Rhodes’ Trademark

'The American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes
Credit: AEW

It would appear that the legal wrangling over the rights to the name Cody Rhodes may be coming to a conclusion.

According to a report from Heel By Nature, WWE have filed a cancellation notice The United States Patent and Trademark Office to surrender the trademark to the name.

WWE originally filed for the trademark in October 2009, however they failed to renew the ten-year license a decade later, and let the six-month grace period to renew expire.

The day this expired Cody filed for the trademark himself, only for WWE to attempt to revive it a month later citing COVID-19 as the reason for the delay.

This led to Cody’s attempt being rejected, however it would now seem he will be able to finally register the trademark for himself.

All of this could be a reaction to Cody abandoning his attempted trademarks for ‘The Match Beyond’ and ‘Slamboree’ last month.