WWE Executive Kevin Dunn Discusses Biggest Challenge Of ThunderDome

WWE ThunderDome

Everyone has an opinion on how much of a success or failure The ThunderDome has been in WWE.

Regardless of what you think, it is certainly a new innovation for any industry, not just wrestling.

In an interview with Cynopsis, WWE Executive Producer & Chief Of Global Television Distribution talked about the biggest challenge in its implementation.

I think the biggest challenge was just trying to reimagine our weekly flagship programming with a new technology that, we believe, has never been implemented before at this scale. Everything had to be reassessed as we were planning to launch ThunderDome. In testing, traditional camera shots were making the virtual fans look flat. Our entire lighting and production design had to be reimagined from the ground up.

We have a great team that had to reinvent themselves, and their day to day responsibilities, in order to come up with something as innovative as WWE ThunderDome.

Despite the world gradually emerging from the pandemic, including the hope of fans in attendance for WrestleMania, The ThunderDome is likely to still be used for some time.

Dunn has confirmed that the WWE are still looking to learn from the initiative and adapt it where they can.

If you asked me a year ago, I’d have said there is nothing we haven’t done from a production standpoint, but during this process, we’ve learned a lot and innovated in so many ways that I’d say anything is possible. Our goal is always to create the best possible experience for our fans. So, we are exploring a number of ideas and new shooting techniques, and in a post pandemic world I would expect to see our live shows draw heavily from our ThunderDome learnings.