WWE Announce Next Week Will Be ‘Throwback’ SmackDown

SmackDown Retro Logo
Credit: WWE

Next week on SmackDown, WWE will be going old school to present a throwback edition of the blue show.

Announced on this week’s episode, SmackDown will be going waaay back (In WWE’s words) to present a show that will hopefully be in the style of the various ‘Old School’ Raw episodes we’ve seen in the past.

Whilst those Raw shows harked back to the early 90s and the inception of Monday Night Raw, SmackDown only began airing in 1999 which means we are going to get back to all those things we loved about the turn of the Millenium.

The only match announced so far from the show will see Cesaro face Seth Rollins in a WrestleMania 37 rematch.

What do we want to see on the show? Well it goes without saying if the SmackDown Fist isn’t there then we are turning the show off immediately. Other than that, how about Jeff Hardy in some black cargo pants, Mr McMahon winning the world title, Arnold Schwarzenegger as guest host and Eiffel 65 doing a special cover version of the theme song.

That would do it nicely.