The Wrestling Week’s Best & Worst Moments (October 10 – October 17)

During this wrestling week, Sonya Deville defeated Naomi with the help of Shayna Baszler

What a roller coaster wrestling week this has been. You might say the drama not on TV was just as good as the shows that were.

I am back with my take on the top 5 best and worst moments of the wrestling week. This feature will cover Raw, NXT, Dynamite, SmackDown and Rampage on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, let’s get to it…

Top 5 Heaven Moments Of The Wrestling Week

1 Brock Lesnar/Roman Reigns promo

It was short, sweet but very much to the point. The story development was there for all to see and it created a real intrigue as to where Paul Heyman’s allegiance really stood. I’m enjoying this storyline, as I have most of Roman’s title run so far. I expect a high-quality match at Crown Jewel.

2 Bryan Danielson vs. Minoru Suzuki

OK, so whilst I am not a fan of using Bryan on a YouTube show, this match was great. A lot of fans were hyped for this as soon as it was announced, and both men lived up to the hype. The striking looked authentic, the submissions looked hard, and I am sure both talents will have had bruises the next day again. Bryan winning was the right call.

3 Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

This was a PPV worthy match given to us on free TV. Becky and Sasha have been among the best wrestlers on the WWE roster for some time now and this match did not disappoint. It’s a shame to a degree that these two are switching brands as a series of matches between them would be must watch TV. Of course, the ending with Belair was expected, but that is OK as the three women have a real chance of stealing the show at the next PPV.

4 Seth Rollins Promo

This might just be the best run of Seth’s career to date. His promo work has been outstanding as of late. The little touches, such as “the cell has made me the man I am today” is a direct reference to the match with Bray in 2019 and it’s great. I am excited to see the match with Edge at Crown Jewel and what the future holds for Seth on the red brand afterwards.

5 Xavier Woods

This man’s energy to become King Of The Ring is seriously infectious. I am not sure who wins the tournament, my money was on Balor at the start but having Woods crowned king would also be a great way to go. He has put in the work and makes the tournament feel bigger and I love him for that.

Top 5 Hell Moments Of The Wrestling Week

1 Queen’s Crown matches

I was extremely excited by this tournament. I loved the idea and loved that the final would be at Crown Jewel. My issue isn’t the tournament but the matches. Every match so far has been less than 10 minutes and quite frankly, that is not good enough. The women deserve better and so do the fans.

2 The utilisation of Baszler

Baszler has had a weird week. On Monday night Raw, she was positioned, rightly, as a dominant threat in the women’s division. It was in step with the way they have been rebuilding Shayna over the last few weeks. We then jump to SmackDown and we see her selling way too much for Naomi. She wasn’t the focus on SmackDown and whilst I enjoy the story of Deville and Naomi, I don’t feel there was a need to have Baszler there unless to destroy Naomi.

3 The overuse of “can they coexist” storytelling

This week we had two matches on Raw with the exact same theme, which was can they coexist. We had Sasha and Belair along with Big E and Drew. Normally I don’t mind this type of storytelling but to do it twice on one show? I’m not knocking the match quality, both were fine, it’s the lazy creative surrounding that irks me.

4 Sting and the bat

I get it, sting has a bat. We have seen it numerous times now and whilst it makes sense from a character standpoint, I am just a tad over it. We had it again on Dynamite with Sting using the bat against Wardlow. This was not the worst segment of the wrestling week but Sting chasing the younger talent away again is something we have been seeing him do since his debut with AEW.

5 Inner Circle reunites

Hear me out on this one. Where was the Inner Circle when Sammy won the title? Why were they not at his side? Also, why has this not been explained? Their promo on Dynamite, outside of challenging America’s Top Team, was pointless.

There you have it, my top five heaven and hell moments of the wrestling week. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to discuss it on Twitter with both Hooked On Wrestling (@ho_wrestling) and myself (@garytait1).