Will Ospreay Makes NJPW Return At Resurgence, Also Makes UK Challenge

Will Ospreay
Credit: NJPW

Will Ospreay made a surprise appearance last night, returning to NJPW at the company’s live Resurgence event.

Ospreay, who was stripped of the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship due to injury, made it clear he considers himself the true title holder.

He also stated that he now resides in the US, and plans to show what he’s got in the Japanese promotion’s United States offspring.

No doubt somewhere down the line this will lead to a form of unification match between Ospreay and currently listed title holder, Shingo Takagi.

In a similar situation, Ospreay has also sent a message to UK promotion Revolution Pro Wrestling, where he also holds their Undisputed World Championship.

The title based in the UK is currently held by Ricky Knight Jr, which Ospreay mentioned in a separate video promo he would deal with another day.

His immediate focus seems to be on Doug Williams, making a point that Williams retired but has now come back to wrestling.

With the full video below, it would seem Ospreay’s return to Rev Pro will be match against The Ambassador Of British Wrestling.