Why WWE Will Miss Becky Lynch Even More Than They Realise

Becky Lynch holding a WWE microphone.
Photo Credit: WWE

The Raw after ‘Money on the Roof’ was an emotional one for WWE.

They were crowning a new WWE Raw Women’s champion but they were also saying goodbye to someone they are sure going to miss.

Becky Lynch is more than a great performer. She’s an ambassador, she’s a trainer, and personally I have always had a huge amount of appreciation for her skills as a performer.

This started a long time ago but really came to fruition in NXT.  Of COURSE you remember the Four Horsewomen: Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley and Sasha Banks, all good performers in their own rights.

However there is so much more to her journey than a developmental brand’s cultural zeitgeist and a four-finger pose.

Rebecca Quinnstarted her career in 2002 at a school started by Fergal Devitt (Finn Balor) and Paul Tracy, two very well known names on the independent circuit.

She trained for 5 months before making her professional wrestling debut under the name “Rebecca Knox” teaming with her brother in mixed tag matches and also spent time training at UK Hammerlock, one of the most respected training schools in Europe.

Lynch joined ECCW (Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling) in 2005, feuding with Miss Chevius (great name!) and competing in Mixed Tags and singles before becoming the inaugural SuperGirls Champion for ECCW in June remaining champ until April 2006.

Lynch also competed for All Pro Wrestling’s third Chick Fight Tournament being eliminated by Mariko Yoshida then winning a battle royal at an event in Japan.

Continuing her world tour, Knox participated in matches across Europe including stops in Germany, France and her homeland Ireland before a severe injury forced her to take a six-year break from wrestling.

During that break she only wrestled three times for Fight Factory Pro Wrestling in 2008, 2012 and 2014. She was, however, also involved as a manager in Shimmer on occasion, looking after Sweet Saraya and Paige (then Britani Knight).

In 2013 She was signed to a two-year developmental deal with the WWE and moved to the States to train. In June 2014 she launched Becky Lynch, bringing a wealth of experience and attitude onto our screens.

Her career in NXT was not blessed with a title run. But she moved onto the main roster with Charlotte and Sasha and, in my humble opinion, has outshone both, not just with her skills as a wrestler but also with her personality and no-nonsense style. 

If I had a comparison to draw to another performer it wouldn’t be (as some have claimed) the female Stone Cold, instead I would say that to me she reminds me of a Bret Hart.

No matter whom Becky faced, no matter if they were having a good day or a bad day, Becky would raise their game with her actions. 

I recall an NXT show, Dec 18th 2014, which was the day I started realising just how good Becky Lynch was. 

Bayley was having a bad day.  I mean really bad, it was a total botch fest. Becky was feeding her moves and Bayley was botching them, yet Becky was perpetual motion. She just didn’t stop; if Bayley messed something up Becky turned it around and made it look good.

That match really made me sit up and take notice, and then I looked closer into her work, she’d go on to do that with every member of the horsewomen, leading me to believe that she’d go on to have a brilliant run on the main shows.  

When the three of them (Becky, Charlotte, Sasha) came up it was Charlotte and Sasha who got all the attention, but beneath them Becky would bubble under, stay in the mix, make her voice heard and just keep doing what she does best.

She not only re-invented her character multiple times but, when the time was right and the fans were ready for someone who wasn’t Charlotte, positioned herself to be the standard everyone else tries to reach.  There really aren’t many on her level. 

And I’m not putting down anyone else on the roster. I think the women in the WWE right now are an incredible bunch, but what you need in any division is that consummate performer to help raise the level of the talent around them. And that’s what Becky has done for the ‘women’s revolution’. 

Part of that is her extended experience in so many different places, but also because she’s a true student of the game. She’s a Bret Hart, she’s a William Regal, the person who can be amazing yet also give that shine to anyone she faces in the ring, even if they have no business being in there with her.

Handing the title to Asuka is probably the absolute correct choice because she’s the closest to Becky that the WWE have, both are incredible performers with so much to offer those who face them.

But I have the feeling that she won’t be away for too long.  I’m guessing she’s probably in the PC right now helping new trainees get things right, that’s just who she is.

I really believe that she’s the reason a lot of the girls in the WWE have advanced to where they have. And ‘Man’,  are they going to miss ‘The Mom’ for the next year or so.