Report Claims Vince McMahon Thinks “Nothing Is Wrong” In WWE

vince McMahon speaks in ring

A new report has claimed that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon sees nothing wrong with the company’s current product.

In February 2022, WWE programming continues to divide audiences like arguably never before. While the current program featuring Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar has earned acclaim across the board, the same cannot be said for vast sections of WWE’s television output.

For a number of months, fans on social media in particular have pointed to a lack of focus on up and coming Superstars and rivalries outside of the main event picture.

However, from a purely business perspective, things have arguably never been better for the sports entertainment giant. The company recently announced record revenue figures, as well as already holding multi-billion dollar deals with both FOX and NBC Universal.

The 2021 deal to take the WWE Network to Peacock in the United States was also completed for an astronomical sum.

Answering questions on, Mike Johnson, reported that despite murmuring of discontent from fans, WWE’s on-screen product won’t be changing any time soon, mainly because Chairman Vince McMahon doesn’t think there’s a problem to fix.

“In [Vince McMahon’s] mind, he doesn’t think anything is wrong. The company made a billion dollars last year, so there’s a billion reasons for him to shrug off any criticisms. We are told he pushes and presents what he likes and wants and nothing else makes a dent in that vision. That’s why the shows are presented the way they are and that’s why nothing is going to change anytime soon, if ever.”

With the controversial Royal Rumble out of the way, WWE now has its sights firmly set on WrestleMania 38. At the spectacular, Roman Reigns will defend his Universal Championship against Brock Lesnar, while Charlotte Flair defends her SmackDown Women’s Crown against Ronda Rousey.