Vince McMahon Demands Controversial Fan Sign Removed On WWE Raw

vince McMahon speaks in ring

Vince McMahon seemingly had “quite the reaction” to a fan’s sign on Monday Night Raw, and it was removed from display within seconds.

Although the WWE Chairman was one of many high-level company personnel who was not in attendance at the 27th December taping, McMahon was still paying attention to the show and one sign in particular was met with strong disapproval.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Vince McMahon had a direct feed for the show and to the production truck, when he saw a sign stating ‘Nick=Con Tony=Khan’. The sign was in reference to AEW President Tony Khan, and his opposite number in WWE Nick Khan.

It is noted that McMahon had “quite the reaction” when he saw the sign, and it was removed in seconds after he ordered for it to be taken away.

Nick Khan has been President and Chief Revenue Officer for WWE since August 2020, and has shaken up the organisation in his time with the company. It is believed that he has been behind the rafts of talent cuts which have taken place, as well as the revamp of NXT from the black and gold brand to its 2.0 version.

It is also believed that Khan is being position to take over as Chairman of the company if Vince McMahon were to step down for any reason.

Tony Khan has been credited for being an approachable boss within AEW, as well as being one of the driving investors to get the company off the ground alongside his father Shad Khan. There are plenty of examples of wrestlers stating the creative freedom they are given by Khan rather than running to a script.

However, Khan has recently come under fire for a lack of diversity in AEW, and for his online outburst following an interview given by Big Swole.