Undertaker Jokes About Starting New Character After Final Farewell

The Undertaker

The Undertaker was a guest on WWE’s The Bump today ahead of his Final Farewell at Survivor Series.

His introduction to the show was to surprise newlyweds Jason and Brittany Goldberg, who walked down the aisle to The Dead Man’s music.

Before they could get to the full interview, ‘Taker then joked that it had given him an idea for what he could do after this Sunday.

First I want to give a little bit of headway into the next big thing I have coming out which is Dark Cupid. After that wedding I’ve got to go with that! If I’m the inspiration for people to have Undertaker themed weddings, I’m going to be Dark Cupid from now on.

Whilst much of the discussion was as you would expect in a week like this, they did touch on a couple of matches in particular.

One in particular was working with Rey Mysterio at Royal Rumble 2010.

Absolutely. In fact when I look back through my career I think some of my better matches were with smaller guys. It was just the story telling aspect of it of me physically dominating those guys and them having to try and chop me down. Guys like Rey, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, I feel like I had some of my very best matches with.

Every monster that came through the curtain was put up against me, and it’s where the dragon slayer came from because I was the gatekeeper with them.

Then you’d face someone like Rey and you’d be able to do your whole arsenal of moves without tearing anything. Someone the size of Rey I was like dude I’m getting all my big moves in on you. He understands what he can do so well and what he needs to do for his opponent, and you can’t really teach that.

He was also asked to pick a storyline he loved which he wasn’t involved in.

It expanded in to naming a couple of wrestlers he would have liked longer programmes with.

There’s so many. I really enjoyed Eddie Guerrero and JBL. I remember the promo that JBL had cut on Eddie when Eddie was the Champion. JBL had already had a long run as Bradshaw and then in The Acolytes, and was obviously in a good spot. The thing with Eddie I think it really put him at the next level and they were so good together. Then I really enjoyed Edge and Randy, they have tremendous chemistry.

I wish I’d had more of an extended programme not only with Steve [Austin], but Stone Cold and Eddie. I would have loved to have had a longer program with them as I think we only really scratched the surface with them and they were great to work with.

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