Tyler Reks, Former WWE Superstar, Comes Out As Transgender

Tyler Reks
Photo: WWE

The ex-WWE performer known as Tyler Reks has announced that she is transgender. The former tag partner of Curt Hawkins (real name Gabbi Tuft) revealed the news in a press release from Extra TV.

“Despite his successes during and after his WWE career, Gabe was still wrestling with a secret persona dwelling deep within him,”

“This is a persona he has been hiding in the loud silence of his soul since childhood. Finally, with the blessing of his loving wife Priscilla, Gabe is ready to reveal who he really is. “He” is now known as “She”: A beautiful, wise, witty and wonderful woman called ‘Gabbi’.”


More on Gabbi’s story will air on Extra TV in the US.

“This is a story that wrestling and other sports fans, friends and followers must not miss, especially many in the LGBTQ community dealing with challenging transgender issues, who Gabbi and Priscilla are willing to help. Airing exclusively on Extra on Friday, Feb. 5, 2021. Tune in to your local listing for this exclusive story.”


Gabbi has been posting a countdown to the reveal on her Instagram page

Reks retired from WWE in 2012 to spend more time with her wife and daughter. Together they opened up “BODY SPARTAN”, a fitness company with an app to positively transform the body, mind and spirit of men and women through targeted video workouts, nutritional programs and motivational sessions.

Reks was also a former two time FCW Tag-Team Champion, once with Curtis Axel and once with John Morrison.

We at Hooked on Wrestling would like to congratulate Gabbi on realising her full self and living her true life.