Triple H: John Cena Return “Was Magic”, Roman Reigns “The Biggest Star In The Industry”

Triple H

You’d expect a top executive to have high praise for one of their company’s events, but Triple H has also proven insightful in an interview following Money In The Bank.

‘The Game’ discussed with Sports Illustrated how you try to absorb fans in to a match and in particular what that meant during Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship defence against Edge.

He also explains how what was done made the return of John Cena so special.

There are lots of moving parts in a match like that. Roman Reigns and Edge needed time for their story to play out, and you want people to invest to the point where they forget about anything else. Seth Rollins needed time to make his point. You need to allow all the moments time to breathe. The goal for everyone involved is to be so good you make people forget about everything else.

Those rumours you might have heard about who could show up, or what may happen, our goal is to make you forget about those. Be so captivating out there that you make people focus only on you. Get everyone so caught up in the moment, and that’s what Roman, Edge and Rollins did. Then, in this case, when you’re focused entirely on what’s happening in the ring, that’s when Cena comes out….if you ask John, I’m sure it felt right in the ring. It was magic.

We now know that Reigns will defend his title against Cena at SummerSlam, and ‘The King Of Kings’ was quick to point out how special the title holder is in the industry at the moment.

He goes as far as to say that Reigns isn’t just the biggest star in WWE, but the entire industry.

Roman is the biggest star in WWE, he’s the biggest star in the industry. He perfected his craft at a really hard time to do so with no fans. He put so much into his character work, and his reaction to Cena was as powerful as the moment itself. Watching that, I couldn’t help but think back to how long he’s been doing this and some of the tougher times he’s been through. Right now, he’s performing on a whole other level. He’s at the point where he is no longer thinking about the character, he just is.

Reigns will also have to keep one eye open for Big E who has earmarked ‘The Big Dog’ for his Money In The Bank briefcase cash in.

In the meantime, Reigns isn’t going to get much higher praise than from Triple H.