Tony Nese Says Vince McMahon Thought He Was Wearing A Bra As Part Of His Ring Gear

Tony Nese

Tony Nese has recalled Vince McMahon’s bizarre reaction to his ring gear in WWE, with the Chairman questioning whether he was wearing a bra.

Tony Nese joined WWE in 2016, competing in the first-ever Cruiserweight Classic. Nese won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Buddy Murphy at WrestleMania 35, but that would be the highlight of his WWE career.

The Premiere Athlete, along with several other members of the 205 Live roster, were released from their WWE contracts on June 25, 2021, as part of the company’s continued cost-cutting efforts.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Nese says he still wants to be The Premiere Athlete and discussed Vince McMahon’s unfortunate reaction to some of his ring gear.

“So The Premiere Athlete is still going to be who I am and what I represent. But I do want it to be a little bit more of a serious thing rather than ‘Hey look at my abs.’ I love being booed and flexing, but at the same time, I switched up my look to where I am wearing more branded stuff.”

“In WWE, I was just trying to pop by getting gear that just looked good. I wore a jacket because they told me I needed something up top. They said ‘You should wear something, but don’t cover up anything.’ For one show I wore a He-Man type thing, but nobody thought it looked cool, Vince said ‘Is he wearing a bra out there?’”

“Straight after I heard that, I threw it into the garbage. But now, I think this is getting old and it doesn’t represent me, I want to be taken more seriously. I want to be my own brand, that’s the attitude I’m going in with. I still will be kissing my biceps and flexing though.”

After appearing at ringside during a number of recent AEW events, Tony Nese has revealed that he has now signed with the company.

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