Tony Khan Claims Ted Turner Didn’t Know 1% Of What He Does About Wrestling

Tony Khan

Tony Khan says that the former owner of WCW and media tycoon Ted Turned didn’t know one percent of what he knows about professional wrestling, and he promises that AEW is here to stay.

Tony Khan has gone on the offensive following the announcement of the extended Friday Night SmackDown that went up against AEW Rampage for the final thirty minutes.

The AEW President initially stated that he couldn’t wait to outperform WWE’s main event, before criticising the company for running the final portion of their show without commercials. Khan called the move “pretty predatory,” but added that he can do it too, and for a longer period of time because he has more money.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, this has led some within WWE to speculate that Khan will simply lose money. Furthermore, there is a sense that “we beat Ted Turner, and Ted Turner is smarter than Tony Khan.”

Tony Khan has now responded in bullish fashion on social media, claiming that Ted Turner knows only 1% of what he knows about professional wrestling:

I’ve never met Ted Turner. It’s very possible Ted Turner is smarter than me, but he didn’t know 1% of what I know about professional wrestling or WCW would still be on TNT/TBS. @AEWis here to stay, watch #AEWRampage LIVE tonight on TNT or WatchTNT app on your phone or any device”

Khan’s remarks come after Universal Champion Roman Reigns fired his own shots at AEW. Reigns initially stated that he did not consider AEW to be a competitor before shifting his focus to CM Punk.

The Head of the Table stated that facing Punk would “not elevate him,” adding that he has “lost a step or two” since leaving WWE in 2014.