Tony Khan Announces Multiple Upgrades To AEW Medical Team – Former WWE Star To Be Involved

Matt Hardy Injury

Following recent incidents that have led to strong criticism of AEW’s medical protocols, company President Tony Khan has announced a raft of changes during an interview with PWInsider.

Khan has revealed that the company has hired a new independent doctor and a new neurologist who will both be present at all shows going forward.

In addition, the communication system between the producers backstage and the referee in the ring have been upgraded to improve speed of communication in all situations, including medical incidents.

Whereas previously the comms system between the two parties was only one way (With production able to speak to the referee, but not the other way round), now the system allows for two way dialogue.

Khan also noted that former WWE Chris Nowinski will be present at the Full Gear Pay Per View this Saturday. Nowinski co-founded the Concussion Legacy Foundation as is one of the foremost voices in the ongoing campaign to increase safety around brain injuries in sport.

It is not known in which capacity he will be attending the event.

These changes come in the wake of two high profile injuries to Matt Hardy and Alex Reynolds in recent weeks. In both instances, the wrestlers suffered head injuries mid-match with AEW electing to carry on the match in both instances.