The Young Bucks Reveal The Staggering Amount WWE Offered Them During Previous Negotiations

The Young Bucks

Right now they are the reigning AEW Tag Team Champions but before they helped launch that company, The Young Bucks were in serious negotiations with WWE.

Whilst we could all have expected the offer from Vince McMahon’s company to be significant, the Bucks have now revealed just how staggering that number was.

Nick and Matt Jackson recently appeared on the Talk’n Shop podcast hosted by Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson with the conversation turning to the details of those negotiations.

According to the brothers, the number was big. Really big. Matt Jackson revealed:

“I knew the kind of money the Good Brothers were getting. Everyone else was getting like $150,000 to start. He was already offering us $500,000 each guaranteed. I’m going like, ‘What?!’. At that moment, we knew our street value. That was just the first offer.”

As we all now know, The Bucks turned down the offer on the table and instead signed on as Executive Vice Presidents of All Elite Wrestling that was launched on 1st January 2019.

The rest is wrestling history.