The Wrestling Week’s Best & Worst Moments (October 3 – October 10)

Roman Reigns & Paul Heyman

It’s time for my take on the top five best and worst moments of the wrestling week. This feature will cover Raw, NXT, Dynamite, SmackDown and Rampage on a weekly basis.

Without further ado, let’s get to it…

Top 5 Heaven Moments

1 The WWE Draft

This was number one last week but I am keeping it this week purely because I was so happy with the Draft this year and in particular the second half which happened on Monday. I think the right calls were made. Moving Finn and Owens over to Raw with Drew going the other way leaves a space at the top for one of them to grab. Overall, I think the Draft did exactly what it should have done this year.

2 Paul Heyman

You can say what you want about Heyman, but on Friday night the man (once again) gave an absolute lesson in how to cut a promo. The weight of his words was fantastic and the message to Lesnar worked just so well.

3 Hangman Page returns

Was this predictable? Yes. Does that matter? Absolutely not. Page, before he went on a break due to the birth of his child, was easily becoming the most over faces AEW had. I am intrigued as to when they pull the trigger on the Omega vs. Page feud as I am not sure about the next PPV being the right time, but when this match happens, it will be a banger.

4 8 Man tag match

OK, so I will be honest, I am not normally a fan of these type of matches but this was just a really fun watch. Yes, there was some issues with the refereeing, but overall I enjoyed the match and the chaos that comes with it. You can tell the fans are itching for the rematch with Omega and Danielson as every time they are near each other, the tension is there. This was a good start to Dynamite.

5 King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown

I love King of the Ring, so much so that I still say it should be a PPV. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed the start of the tournaments, even if some winners were questionable. The best thing is, I really do not know who wins either tournament and I am more than happy with that.

Top 5 Hell Moments

1 Carmella vs. Liv Morgan

Are we near the time of another “give women a chance” movement? Because outside of the usual names on SmackDown, no one gets a look in. Morgan losing is an issue, as she could easily be pushed but what makes this my number one hell moment of the week is the lack of time given to the match. Less than two minutes is just not enough.

2 Cody and Arn segment

I get what they are trying to do with Cody, I am just not sure people are going to buy in to it. Cody has gone all “Hollywood” with his outside ventures, which is something the fans have stated, so it plays nicely into that. Will this get fans back on his side? I don’t think so personally but time will tell.

3 CM Punkwrestling on Rampage

I said it last week with Bryan and I will say it again, having your two biggest names wrestle on a pre-taped show is just silly and a waste. I get they need viewers for Rampage but giving away a CM Punk match on a pre-taped show is not going to cut it, especially now fans are back in attendance so the chance of spoilers to be able to find out if it’s worth watching for something shocking is very high.

4 Short matches on Raw

Raw had quite a few matches but all of them felt rushed to me. New Day vs. Hurt Business could have been great but were giving very little time to make you invest, and this was the same for most of the matches on Raw this week.

5 The TBS Championship

I guess it is not the belt itself but the way they went about promoting it. I am also not sure the AEW women’s division really needs another title currently but if you are going to present it, there are better ways. Get a legend in if you can or even have the ring surrounded by the wrestlers who are going to compete for it. Having referee Aubrey Edwards be the one to present it, whilst good for her given the position she has quickly earned within the company, seemed a bit odd and lacklustre to me.

There you have it, my top five heaven and hell moments of the week. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Agree? Disagree? Feel free to discuss it on Twitter with both Hooked On Wrestling (@ho_wrestling) and myself (@garytait1).