The Viking Raiders Make WWE Return On Raw After WrestleMania

Viking Raiders
Credit: WWE

The Raw after WrestleMania has long been defined by its surprise returns, debuts and turns. You can read about the ten best in history right here.

Whilst the Raw following WrestleMania 37 was undoubtedly low on marquee moments, it did keep the tradition alive with a number of surprise appearances.

Chief amongst them was the return of The Viking Raiders who returned to defeat former Hurt Business members Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin.

The team had been on hiatus since Ivar suffered a severe neck injury in late Summer 2020, leading to seven months on the shelf for one half of the former Raw and NXT Tag Team Champions.

His partner Erik initially stayed on air as a singles wrestler, primarily in skits hunting for the 24/7 title and Raw Underground. He too had been off air completely for a few months until his return as part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal on Friday’s WrestleMania SmackDown.

With Raw’s tag team division being thin in quality and freshness of combos, the return of the team formerly known as War Machine will be welcomed by fans and management alike.