The Undertaker Takes On Spicy Wing Challenge On ‘Hot Ones’

The Undertaker On Hot Ones

The Undertaker has been across the media spectrum this week leading up to Survivor Series, but this will go down as one of his stranger appearances.

The Dead Man has taken part in a spicy wing challenge on ‘Hot Ones’, challenging himself against ten hot sauces.

Whilst talking about his career ‘Taker had a range of sauces starting at a mere 1,700 on the Scoville scale, all the way up to a 669,000 scorcher.

There was even one sauce not yet rated on the scale which, whilst covering it well, clearly had an effect on The Dead Man.

Whilst taking the challenge ‘Taker was asked a number of questions, including how it’s been opening up as the man behind the character.

I’m a notoriously old school guy. Talking about the business so openly, it’s still to this day I’m fighting this urge to clam up and not talk about it. Force myself to tell stories and people are dying to hear this stuff. That aspect is fun but the old school rassler is ‘man, you should just go back, pull the curtain shut and tell people you’re not home’.

He was also asked a question he’s never had before, about his time as The Commando in Central Illinois Wrestling.

For his early days, he cited wise words from his father that he’s tried to live by:

The toes you step on on the way to the top are connected to the asses you’re going to have to kiss on the way back down.

You can watch the full video of this exciting challenge and interesting interview below: