The Simpsons Want The Rock To Make A Guest Appearance

The Rock
Credit: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

We know The Rock is rather good at public appearances now, but what about him becoming an animated character in The Simpsons?

During a panel at Comic-Con@Home Yeardley Smith, who voices, Lisa Simpson, said it “would just be a natural fit” to have The Rock involved in the show.

Writer Carolyn Omine followed up by saying there’s already a script in the works.

There is a story that we came up with, Lisa and The Rock, but we don’t know yet. We’re still hoping The Rock will hear us. If anybody knows The Rock, tell him that we want that!

The Rock would not be the first wrestler to appear in The Simpsons, with Bret Hart having looked to Montgomery Burns’ mansion in an early series.

Whilst The Rock may be busy, especially if he’s looking ahead to wrestling at WrestleMania next year, it’s certainly the sort of appearance you could see him making.

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