Massive Update On When The Rock Could Return To WWE

The Rock raising one arm in his signature pose.

There have been plenty of rumours that The Rock could return to WWE over the next couple of months, and there has been an update on how likely this is.

With the 2021 WWE Survivor Series set to mark 25 years since The Rock made his debut for the company, it had been reported that he could make his return on such a significant night. Back in 1996 the soon to be ‘Great One’ became the first third-generation star to work for the company, entering as Rocky Maivia and ending up as the sole survivor on his team.

It would now seem, according to Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast, that won’t be the case as The Brahma Bull will be in Australia when the pay-per-view is set to take place.

Little update on The Rock – he is apparently in Australia during Survivor Series. Now does that mean that he won’t be doing something at Survivor Series? They’re definitely gonna mention it. They’re definitely gonna talk about it. There will be maybe a video appearance or something that’s planned. But he’s not gonna be there.

Further to this, it would seem that reports the multi-time World Champion would be heading to Dallas, Texas in order to face Roman Reigns at WWE WrestleMania, however it would seem that is no longer the case either.

It really looks like the focus has shifted to moving a Roman/Rock match to LA (WrestleMania 39 in 2023). I’ll say it this way – there are people that are adamant that it needs to take place in Los Angeles. They’re adamant. There are certain people that say, ‘No, this match should not happen at Dallas (WrestleMania 38 in 2022), it should happen in LA.

This would fit in with comments from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter earlier this year, where he suggested Reigns would face Brock Lesnar in Dallas before finally having his match with The Rock the following year.

The last time The Great One competed in a match in WWE was also in Dallas, when he faced Erick Rowan in a brief, impromptu match at WrestleMania 32. His last on-screen appearance was a promo with Becky Lynch to mark the 20th anniversary of SmackDown.

Once again The Rock has been displaying his many talents of late, including making his rap debut.

With thanks to Wrestle Talk for the transcription.