The Rock Addresses Rumours Of WrestleMania Match With Roman Reigns

The Rock raises Roman Reigns arm

The Rock has commented on the ongoing rumours that he will return to the ring at WrestleMania 38 to face WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is both one of the most legendary WWE Superstars of all time and currently the biggest movie star in Hollywood right now.

There has been a lot of speculation recently about the likelihood of The Rock returning to WWE for one more match. ‘The People’s Champion’ is one of the most legendary performers in the history of the company, but hasn’t competed in a WWE ring since WrestleMania 32 in 2016, when he made short work of Erik Rowan.

Prior to that, his last feud in WWE was against John Cena, who he wrestled at both WrestleMania 28 and 29. In the second bout, he tore his abdominal adductor tendons off his pelvis, delaying filming of the Hercules movie, something that was financially costly for the studios involved.

With this year’s Survivor Series marking the 25th anniversary of The Rock’s WWE debut at Madison Square Garden, the rumour mill has gone into overdrive with suggestions that the multi-time WWE Champion will make an appearance at the event and possibly even kick-off a feud with current Universal Champion Roman Reigns to lead into WrestleMania 38.

However, in a new interview with Andrew Freund of Dish Nation to promote his new movie, ‘Red Notice’, ‘The Great One’ poured cold water on the rumours, saying there was no truth to them. He then went on to open the door to the match potentially happening further “down the road”.

“Andrew, you’ve known me for a very long time, I can tell you that there is no truth to that right now. Possibly down the road, we will see.”

“We stay very close, myself and Roman Reigns, and I’m very happy, very proud for the work that he’s doing, as well as The Usos, my other family members. So those guys will continue to do what they’re doing, and we’ll see down the road.”

Despite the presence of ‘The People’s Champion’ on WWE TV being unlikely in the near future, the company is currently promoting November as a celebration of The Rock, marking 25 years since his debut at Survivor Series 1996.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the above transcription.

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