The Rock Makes Rap Debut, Says He “Didn’t Suck”

The Rock cuts a promo in the ring

As if The Rock didn’t have enough talents, he has now shown another one by making his rap debut on a track by Tech N9ne. Alongside his on-screen credentials as an actor and popular voiceover in Moana, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson conquered the wrestling scene including five WrestleMania main events and eight World Championship reigns.

Johnson’s credentials in Hollywood go far and wide, including starring roles in the Fast And Furious franchise which also led to Hobbs and Shaw alongside Jason Statham. Most recently he was involved in the 2021 film Jungle Cruise alongside Emily Blunt.

Now, The Great One features alongside Joey Cool and King Iso in Tech N9ne’s latest release, Face Off.

It’s not like Johnson wasn’t involved in his music during his time in the professional wrestling industry, as he had his own track ‘Pie’ on WWE The Music Volume 5, as well as collaborating with Wyclef John’s ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ back in 2000.

There have been reports that The Rock is due to return to WWE, with it being a possibility he will compete at WrestleMania 38 against current Universal Champion Roman Reigns. His return to set this up would likely be at Survivor Series, which would mark 25 years since his on-screen debut with the company.

However, many fans would like this to happen, Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer says that the contest is far from certain at this stage, and also depends on what happens with Johnson’s recent purchase of XFL.

The match will take place if, when and where Johnson wants it to. His schedule is such that there is no lock for anything. In 2023, he may be running the XFL, or movies or even running for president (I doubt it but he’s given that date before as something he’s thought about although the Young Rock story seems to have indicated he’s looking at 2032 if he really ever does it).

With him, there is no way to know what his schedule will allow. If he wants to do it, that will be the year he does it. There also may be no XFL, which right now the idea is to bring it back in 2023 but I sense there’s no XFL without a paying TV deal. Obviously Vince McMahon felt that wasn’t going to happen which is why he declared bankruptcy for the league and closed it down. But the feeling right now is 2023, which would seem to mean Lesnar in 2022.