The Godfather On Not Riding With The Rock After Cannabis Situation

The Godfather at his WWE Hall Of Fame induction speech.

The Godfather has discussed how he had to stop travelling with The Rock following an incident regarding smoking weed.

After The Rock turned his back on the fans in the early stages of his WWE career, he ended up working alongside The Godfather whilst listening to the chants of “die Rocky, die”.

In what is often the case with on-screen relationships, the pair would often travel together between towns. However, speaking on It’s My Wrestling Podcast, the man who went on to be the biggest pimp in WWE talked about how he had to stop travelling with The Great One after a specific incident.

I smoke a lot of cannabis and always have. I’ve never hidden that fact and it was nice to be on TV letting people know. And of course, I would get in the car the first thing I would do is I’d spark up a joint.

The Rock would do a lot of interviews and appearances, and he’d show up there like, ‘We didn’t know you smoked weed.’ He goes, ‘I don’t smoke weed.’ ‘You said that last time we saw you but every time we see you smell like weed!’ He’s like, ‘I can’t ride with you!’

Whilst the travelling may have caused an issue at the time, The Brahma Bull very quickly created his public persona and broke away from The Nation Of Domination to become one of the hottest talents of his wrestling generation, if not all time.

It hadn’t all been plain sailing for The Rock within WWE, and even Kevin Nash admitted that he was harsh towards The Great One back in 2001. However, the pair both recently spoke publicly on the issue with The Brahma Bull making it clear there were no hard feelings, and even used the phrase NWO4L.