The Dupp Cup: Remembering NWA:TNA’s Attempt At A ‘Hardcore Championship’

The Dupps - TNA

Yes, that’s right, Impact Wrestling once had a Hardcore Championship…well sort of.

The Dupps were regulars in the early days of TNA. Their interactions with interviewer Goldylocks and increasingly disgusting antics were a staple of weekly pay-per-view.

Starting in the Hardy’s OMEGA Championship Wrestling the Dupps were a team of kayfabe cousins portraying American southern hick characters. Consisting of different family members depending on the promotion they were working for, each with a comic name. The Dupps would have stints in ECW and the WWF before Bo Dupp, Stan Dupp and Fluff Dupp landed in TNA.

On the eighth episode of the NWA:TNA the Dupps announced to the world The Dupp Cup invitational, the new hardcore division for TNA. Earlier in the night NWA representative Ricky Steamboat gave the Dupps power to do what they wanted if they left him alone. The Cup itself was a spittoon that had been in the family for generations and used for all sorts, including toilet training.  

Unlike traditional hardcore matches, the Dupp Cup used a point-based system. The first to ten points would win the match and the Dupp Cup.

You could score points the following ways:

  • Put your opponent through a table – 2 ½ points Put your opponent through a flaming table – 5 points
  • Put your opponent head in the toilet – 2 ½ points
  • If there is shit in the toilet – 3 ½ points
  • If you goose a woman – 2 ½ points
  • If you goose a man – 3 ½ points
  • Nail Jeremy Borash – 2 ½ points
  • Nail Sarah the ticket lady – 2 ½ points
  • Use a farm animal in any way during the match – 2 ½ points
  • Spank your opponent’s bare ass with Horsey-Poo – 2 ½ points
  • If your opponent enjoyed being spanked – Minus 2 ½ points
  • Introduce your opponent to ‘Jai’ (a sex doll) – 2 ½ points
  • Cry like a bitch – Minus 5 points
  • Stick your opponent’s head in the cotton candy machine for one full rotation – 10 points
  • Use a weapon from a fan on your opponent – 1 point

Unfortunately, there were no takers in the Dupp Cup invitational. Not even Stan Dupp’s 64 cents in pocket change could entice anyone. Only commentator Ed Ferrara accepted the challenge after a night with Fluff Dupp was put at stake (Bo & Stan got to watch).

Bo & Stan would go on to win the match getting the final points they needed by putting Ferrara through a table in a match the polar opposite from the fledgling X-division. It is not clear if they claimed their prize of a night with their cousin.

The following week midget wrestler Teo would challenge and win the Dupp Cup as a result of Stan Dupp having a fear of ‘Lil people’.

Bo & Stan would never get their rematch for the Dupp Cup. Plans for the Dupps were dropped due to Stan Dupp going on a tour of Japan with Pro Wrestling Noah.

Bo Dupp would spend the rest of his career on the indie scene wrestling as Otto Schwanz. Stan Dupp would go on to wrestle for the WWE as Trevor Murdoch and capture the World Tag team titles with Lance Cade and return to TNA for a brief stint as Jethro Holliday.

Who knows, if Stan Dupp had never gone on that tour of Japan the Dupp Cup might still be around today. The likes of AJ Styles, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe would have competed for the Dupp Cup on their way to being Grand Slam Champions….But then again, maybe not.