The Bella Twins Want One More WWE Run, Aiming For Tag Gold

The Bella Twins

It would seem that The Bella Twins are not done with WWE.

They recently took part in an interview with Access Hollywood, and whilst the main topic of conversation was about their newborn children the conversation did switch to wrestling.

When asked if they considered themselves retired, they claimed to be keen on one more run and winning the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

This is what’s hard for Nikki and I. When we left, all of a sudden the WWE Women’s Tag Titles came and we’re like ‘wait a sec, that’s for the Bella twins.’ We’ve been dying to have tag titles. And so we feel like we have one more run in us and we really want to go for those tag titles.

As two of the most well-known females in WWE, and with a new series of Total Bellas starting tomorrow in the States, it is interesting they would choose this time to consider a return to the squared circle.

You can view the full interview below.