Stipulation Added To WrestleMania 37 Title Match

WM37 WrestleMania 37 - Big E vs Apollo Crews
Credit: WWE

With next week’s SmackDown essentially acting as the pre-show for WrestleMania 37, this week’s episode took on the role of the go home show.

As such, there was little in the way of new developments. Instead the show focused more on the hard sell for what we’ve already been offered.

One exception to that was a stipulation added to Big E’s Intercontinental Championship defence against Apollo Crews.

With the two facing off multiple times in the last few weeks, most recently at Fastlane, it seemed unlikely that their ‘Mania match would be a straightforward bout.

Now we know, thanks to Crews’ challenge, that it will be a Nigerian Drum Match.

Nope. Us neither.

From how it was described, the best guess is that it will be a no disqualification match fought to the beat of tribal drums at ringside. This has the potential to either present a really fun atmosphere or be super annoying.

Based on how WWE seem keen to channel Marvel’s Black Panther with Apollo Crews’ new character, don’t be shocked if they try to make it feel like the ritual combat in that movie between T’Challa and M’Baku.

WrestleMania takes place over two nights on Saturday April 10th and Sunday April 11th 2021. For a full rundown of the cards and details on how to watch, check out handy explainer guide right here.