Stevie Ray – “I’d Slap Steve Austin’s Teeth Out Of His Mouth”

Stone Cold Steve Austin cuts a promo

One half of WWE Hall of Fame tag team Harlem Heat, Stevie Ray, has spoken his mind on WWE icon Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stevie Ray rose to prominence in WCW during the 1990s alongside his real-life brother, Booker T. The duo won the WCW Tag Team Championships 10 times as Harlem Heat before splitting in 1997.

Booker T went to work for Vince McMahon after WCW was acquired by WWE in 2001, while Stevie Ray competed for the WWA before hanging up his boots in 2002.

Booker T went right into a feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin when he first arrived in WWE. Their rivalry included the infamous supermarket brawl later in 2001.

During an appearance on That 90’s Wrestling Podcast, Stevie Ray revealed that he had a lot of problems with the brawl. He explained that he didn’t think Booker T should have been running away from Stone Cold, and let his feelings on the multi-time WWE Champion be known.

“Let’s go back to my brother, you come in, Stone Cold Steve Austin jumps on him and drop him with the belt, the WCW belt, and everyone thought, ‘this is great, this is how it’s going to be.’ Nah, brother, they’re setting you up, it is what it is, they’re getting him ready for the Thanksgiving dinner. He doesn’t know, but you’re the one that going to get cooked.

“You come in as the champion, big bad Booker T, his whole career he’s been a big bad guy. Now, all of a sudden you’re in a grocery store, running from Steve Austin. Ain’t nobody in my family ever ran from a man in his life. Ain’t no punk in me, ain’t no b*tch in me. There ain’t no b*tch in none of my brothers or my uncles or nobody. I ain’t never ran from one man in my life and never will. Especially some daisy duke, bald-headed, bad knee, guy that beats up women. You kidding me? You kidding me?

“I’d slap Steve Austin’s teeth out of his mouth, ain’t no punk like that don’t ever fight a man. Now on TV, I got to run from him, I’m scared of him. Nah, miss me with that. But that’s the way they work, and this is what I told everybody was going to happen.”

Stevie Ray went on to talk further about Booker T’s career in WWE, saying that he had to “go through a lot of stuff” to succeed.

“He succeeded, but he had to go through a lot of stuff. But it didn’t surprise me, but WWE have got to put their own spin on everything. People always ask me, ‘why didn’t you go?’ Because I know how they are, and I don’t want to be a part of that. You come in as the WCW World Champion, and then they start making a mockery of your name.”

“You don’t bring somebody into your company and put them at the same level as the people you’ve got stuff invested in, you don’t do that. Because you’ve money invested in these guys. You’ve got to realize that, there ain’t no money invested in those WCW guys. Hell, we were doing good before, and we will do well without them. But what we will do is use them, to push my product and my guys. That’s just business, it ain’t personal.”

Booker T won the World Championship twice during his WWE run, becoming the 16th Triple Crown champion in the process. He also a King of the Ring winner, which led to the era of King Booker and Queen Sharmell.

Following the end of his in-ring career, he was twice inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, once as an individual in 2013, and then as part of Harlem Heat with Stevie Ray in 2019.

H/T to Wrestling Inc for the above transcription.

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