Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael Diagnosed With Lou Gehrig’s Disease

Steve 'Mongo' McMichael

In some of the more sombre recent wrestling news, former WCW United States Champion Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael has confirmed he has ALS, which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

McMichael was also a (relatively short-term) member of the Four Horsemen, as well as being a SuperBowl winner in the NFL.

Speaking with WGN-TV in Chicago (website not available in the UK), McMichael confirmed that his health has deteriorated to a point he will no longer be making public appearances.

I’m not going to be out in the public any more…you’re not going to see me out doing appearances, hell I can’t even sign my name any more, and everybody’s going to be speculating ‘Where’s McMichael, what’s wrong with him? I’m here to tell everyone I’ve been diagnosed with ALS, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, so I’m not going to be a public figure any more.

The report also noted that McMichael now uses a wheelchair to get around and has lost the use of his hands. Lou Gehrig’s Disease has no known cure.

A GoFundMe has been launched to help McMichael with his medical bills, and as you can imagine we all wish him the best we possibly can.

Thanks to PWInsider for the full report.