Steve Austin On DDP Hilariously Buying New Barbecue In His Pyjamas

Steve Austin and DDP standing together with arms folded.

‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin has recounted the time DDP wanted to go to Home Depot and buy a new barbecue – and didn’t bother getting changed out of his pyjamas to go and get it.

The paths of Steve Austin and DDP crossed many times during their wrestling careers, with the pair first becoming friends during the early nineties when they both worked for WCW. Fast forward to 2005, and they lived together whilst working on various movie projects.

DDP recently joined ‘The Texas Rattlesnake’ on his Broken Skull Sessions, where Austin recalled the time his friend pushed a barbecue back from the shops still wearing his pyjamas.

Dude, your story, so we live in Dallas’ place. It had his barbecue grill, it’s kind of a sh*t grill, so Dallas decided he was gonna go down to Home Depot and buy a new barbecue grill. Anyway, Home Depot was about a half/ three-quarter mile from the condo we used to live in.

I’m about a half hungover man, I’m going into the gym and I’m driving my car down Jefferson, and coming out of Home Depot parking lot I see this motherf*cker pushing a barbecue grill.

Like who the f*ck gon’ push a barbecue grill down the road? I did a double-take, I said, man, it’s Dallas! I knew you were still wearing your pyjamas and your house shoes. I don’t know what you did, but, you was —dude is walking like nobody’s business down the boulevard. I was like man, this motherf*cker had some balls. That’s what’s like living with Dallas Page at a condo.

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With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.