Spin The Wheel: Who Won The North American Title Match At NXT Halloween Havoc?

Damian Priest Vs Johnny Gargano

One of WWE’s most exciting shows of the year, Halloween Havoc got off to a fantastic start with the North American title match between Damian Priest and Johnny Gargano.

Both men had fittingly wonderful entrances. Priest was played to the ring by his own personal guitarist to rock out to whilst Gargano, dressed in tribute to A Nightmare Before Christmas’s Jack Skellington, deflated the huge inflatable pumpkin on the entrance ramp.

The match was the first of two ‘Spin The Wheel, Make The Deal’ matches and the wheel gave them a ‘Devil’s Playground’ match. As it transpired, this was a no disqualification, falls count anywhere match.

Credit: WWE

The two men made the absolute most of the stipulations, putting on a hard hitting Arena wide brawl that came to a crescendo with the two battling on a raised part of the stage.

Just as it looked like Priest would win the match and retain his title, he was attacked by someone dressed as Ghostface, the masked killer from the Scream movie franchise – both achingly cheesy and fittingly cool at the same time.

Ghostface then handed his bat to Gargano who used it to smash his opponent of the raised stage and then covered him to take the win and become the first two-time North American champion.

Credit: WWE

A great match presented absolutely true to the Halloween Havoc spirit. A phenomenal start to the night.