Several WWE Superstars Renamed Following 2021 Draft

WWE Angel Garza Humberto Carrillo

Following the most recent WWE Draft, the company has continued its ritual of shortening Superstars’ ring names, with Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo the most recent to have their monikers shortened.

WWE has a long history of changing Superstars’ names, usually when they make their NXT debut, such as Prince Devitt becoming Finn Balor when he joined the black and gold brand. WWE has also frequently changed the names of existing Superstars, usually by shortening them. This happened to people such as current WWE Champion Big E Langston, now known as Big E, and Antonio Cesaro, better known as simply Cesaro.

Angel Garza revealed on Twitter that he has received the name shortening treatment and will now be known as ‘Angel,’ while Carrillo, Garza’s real-life cousin and tag team partner, has also dropped his surname to become ‘Humberto,’ according to the WWE profile page.

Angel and Humberto have been working together for a few weeks and were both shifted to SmackDown in the most recent Draft. On the November 5th episode of the show, their team was dubbed ‘Los Lotharios,’ and they went on to defeat Cesaro and Mansoor in tag team action.

Two more Superstars have undergone more majestic name changes, as the winners of the King of the Ring and Queens Crown tournaments, Xavier Woods and Zelina Vega, have now officially adopted their royal titles and will be known as ‘King Woods’ and ‘Queen Zelina,’ respectively.

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