Sean Waltman Says WWE Turned Him Down For Royal Rumble Appearance

Sean Waltman

Sean Waltman has claimed that WWE “weren’t interested” in bringing him back at the Royal Rumble.

2022 will be a huge year in the life of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman, better known to wrestling fans around the world as X-Pac, if the man himself has anything to say about it.

Waltman was known as one of the best in-ring performers in the world at his peak as a member of two of the most famous factions of all time, D-X and the nWo. However, as his career continued, he was delayed by a succession of surgeries as well as his own inner demons.

However, after knee surgery and getting his life back on track outside of the ring, Waltman is back. At The Wrld on GCW, he saved Joey Janela from a beatdown at the hands of Matt Cardona and Brian Myers. It has since been announced that Waltman will team with Janela on February 25th to take on the former WWE Superstars.

This led to speculation that he might also have been in-line for an appearance at the Royal Rumble. However, Waltman never appeared.

Speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Waltman revealed that he had told WWE that he would be available for the men’s Rumble match. Despite this, he never heard anything back.

“As far as the Royal Rumble, I gave them a heads up I’d be ready if they wanted me. I wasn’t actively campaigning for it. I wasn’t going to do that. But I let them know, and I guess they weren’t interested,”

Looking ahead to his return to the ring, Waltman explained that this is an opportunity for him to end his career on his own terms and have some “f**king great matches.”

“I did pretty well in this industry when I wasn’t clear-headed, so think of what I can do with a healthy mind and healthy body. don’t know how many matches I have left in me, so I’m going to go out there and have some great f**King matches. I want to go out on my terms. My last matches, I was going through the greatest hits. It was all nostalgia. This is going to be different.”

“I want to do it while I still can. I’ve worked on my body and got a lot of my health issues resolved. My right knee struggled for years, but it’s feeling great now. I’m motivated, I’m happy, and I’m hungry. This is holistic. It’s more than just having my body in good shape again. I’m clear-headed. This is a chance to play a few songs off the new album. There is a lot I want to prove to people that have believed in me for a long time.”

The men’s Royal Rumble match was won by Brock Lesnar, while a returning Ronda Rousey claimed victory in the women’s match.