Sean Waltman Comments On AEW All Out Tribute By CM Punk & Darby Allin

Darby Allin & CM Punk

Sean Waltman has taken to social media in order to thank CM Punk and Darby Allin for a tribute they paid to him during their AEW All Out contest.

In his hometown of Chicago, Punk returned to active competition in the ring for the first time in seven years, in a contest where Allin unsurpsingly threw caution to the wind in order to try and stamp his mark on the historic moment. Although Allin survived one Go To Sleep after falling from the ring after taking the move, a second G2S was enough for Punk to seal the victory.

It was the first move of the match which got many tongues wagging, as the sequence of events looked very similar. After locking up, Allin got the upper hand and threw Punk off the ring, with the returning star’s face showing surprise it had happened.

The sequence, including Punk raising his eyebrows, had many similarities to a match from Raw in 1994, when Sean Waltman (at the time known as the 1-2-3 Kid) faced Bret Hart.

Waltman has since posted his opinion of the opening on social media.

I’m honored to have taken part in something that still has influence 1/4 of a century later.

The match between Hart and Waltman is seen as a flagship moment for WWE, as it’s one classed by one of the earliest classics to take place on Raw. It’s also the only time the two Hall Of Famers faced off in a singles match.