Scott D’Amore: “Door Always Open” For Crossover Tag Match, Callis To AEW?

Scott D'Amore

Impact Wrestling have certainly increased the eyes on the product by partnering with AEW.

The partnership has already led to this month’s Hard To Kill, where Kenny Omega will team with The Good Brothers to face Rich Swann and The Motor City Machine Guns.

There is obviously the potential for many more crossover matches, and these will be in the mind of Impact Executive Scott D’Amore.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, D’Amore discussed a tag team match that many would want to see.

The Bucks have teased a return to Impact, and I’ll keep saying this—the door is always open. I worked with them briefly when they were first here, and they were great then and they were also great in Japan. They’re great people, and they’ve revolutionized the wrestling business and the way it looks.

There is a bond that connects the Young Bucks and the Motor City Machine Guns. It’s a match we saw years ago, and seeing them hook up one more time is a dream match. They would put on an unbelievable, emotionally rewarding match for wrestling fans.

Another topic discussed in the interview surrounds D’Amore’s fellow Impact Executive, Don Callis.

Callis helped Omega win the AEW World Championship, and has appeared alongside ‘The Cleaner’ in appearances on both brands.

This has led to speculation about if Callis will make the switch to AEW full-time – speculation which D’Amore welcomes.

Everybody is going to speculate, but that’s a good thing. Speculation can lead to buzz. Don has been a huge part of what we’ve done here. We’ve been friends for the past 25 years. In life and in business, people make changes, but I will say that Don has been an integral part of everything we have done at Impact.

Again, we’ll see what comes next, but Don is executive vice president at Impact Wrestling. He’s also the mentor and manager for the AEW world champion, and he’s helped create this crossover and a very special time in the wrestling business.

Whether Don and I are both at Impact Wrestling, or if we’re in different parts of the world or in different industries, there will always be a connection and a friendship. Fans should continue to speculate and enjoy, but don’t let it get in the way of enjoying the ride of some really cool and exciting times.