Sarah Logan Announces Pregnancy

Sarah Logan

Sarah Rowe, known to WWE fans as Sarah Logan, has confirmed on social media that she is pregnant.

Rowe, who was released by WWE in the mass cull earlier this year, announced at the time that she would not continue wrestling.

It would now seem that was down to the fact she was planning for a viking baby along with her husband, War Raiders member Erik.

Her feelings for her husband are very clear from the video she has released announcing her pregnancy.

I’m so excited. I honestly did not want to have kids before I met Ray Rowe. Nobody had ignited that motherly instinct in me. Then I met Ray and almost immediately I was like, I want to create something with this man. I want more than we have, I want everything. I want marriage, I went to live together, I want kids. To have that right now is just overwhelming.

The full 20-minute video features talk from both soon-to-be mother and father, as well as both sets of parents.