Sami Zayn Takes Aim At Donald Trump On Twitter

Sami Zayn

WWE Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn took to Twitter this morning to share his opinion on outgoing President of the USA, Donald Trump.

Zayn is one of the few WWE stars who is outspoken regarding his political views, often sharing his thoughts and opinions across social media platforms.

Over the last week, Trump and his supporters have regularly contested the results of the most recent US election that was won by Democrat Joe Biden who will become the 46th POTUS on January 20th 2021.

Zayn took the opportunity to reply directly to one of Trumps tweets this weekend that called the result of the ballot into question. The original tweet reads:

“He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!”

The tweet itself was a continuance from an earlier tweet he himself made where he acknowledged Biden’s win for the first time. This insistence on election shenanigans clearly raised the ire of the SmackDown star who tweeted in response:

“This is an embarrassing and pathetic spectacle, and I say this as a man who plays a whiny, paranoid coward who got thrown into a dumpster on national television.”

With the election saga embroiled in a succession of lawsuits and recounts, it is unlikely this is the last time we hear a WWE star weigh in on the situation before Inauguration Day on January 20th.