Roman Reigns: ‘Undertaker Not The Only One Disappointed By WrestleMania Match’

Roman Reigns
Photo: WWE

Roman Reigns was this week interviewed by Kayla Braxton to promote his new Netflix movie ‘The Wrong Missy’ alongside co-star David Spade.

The WWE star, who is currently away from WWE programming due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic touched on a topic that has been in the news recently; his WrestleMania 33 match with The Undertaker.

The first two episodes of ‘Taker’s ‘The Last Ride’ documentary focused strongly on this match and The Undertaker revealed that it was due to be the last match of his career, but the disappointment in the quality of the match led to him prolonging his run to search for that ‘Peyton Manning’ farewell.

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Reigns revealed that he shared The Deadman’s feelings on the match but also had no idea about the litany of injuries his opponent was carrying that led to significant surgery right after the event. Reigns said:

“Yeah I mean, you know… after the match I saw him and we spoke, and then on the next year, I think they showed clips of it on the second episode, where he like, apologized to me. I had no clue that he needed hip surgery. I knew that he was beat up and any time you’ve been in the ring for 25 years-plus, you’re gonna have nagging injuries but to me a hip replacement, shoulder replacements… all that, pretty much every joint was beat up. I had no clue it was that bad. I could feel it… I could feel it unravel towards the end there, and I tried to do my best to just keep us on pace, but it was one of those things that when you’re a competitor like he is, a competitor that I think I am as well, you want to have perfection.”

As you would expect as a WWE main eventer, Reigns has incredibly high standards for his work. As such, he also feels frustration that his match with ‘Taker wasn’t included in his personal list of WrestleMania masterpieces that is made up by his four matches with Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

Rarified air for sure but still, Reigns wishes the WrestleMania 33 main event had stretched that four match list to five. He said:

“You want to be flawless out there, and for someone who’d done it like he has, I mean… in those four matches that he described, that were his masterpieces, with Shawn and Triple H, it hurts to not be in that category. Still, kudos to him. He’s a warrior to go out there and still place his body on the line, to sacrifice his health for our fanbase. You know… I think we can all agree that our fans are special and they have an attachment to our product like no other product in the world, no other form of entertainment in the world. So I think that just shows the bond that he has with our fanbase, and what he’s willing to do and sacrifice for them.”

Reigns remains out of action for an undetermined period of time. The next episode of ‘The Last Ride’ will air on WWE Network on June 14th.

‘The Wrong Missy’ is available now on Netflix.

Shout out to Wrestling Inc for the transcriptions.