Roman Reigns To Lead New Heel Stable on WWE SmackDown?

Roman Reigns

Before WWE Hell In A Cell, revealed that sources within WWE had told them a plan was in place to have Roman Reigns lead a new stable on SmackDown and that the storyline’s ‘next big chapter’ would be revealed at the PPV.

With Hell In A Cell in the books, we may well have seen the start of this angle.

In the opening match, Reigns defeated his Jey Uso in an I Quit match. Despite unleashing an unholy amount of punishment on his cousin, Reigns’ win only came about when he put the interfering Jimmy Uso in a vicious choke hold, forcing his twin brother to quit in order to spare him harm. It was a wonderfully guttural match and finish that, by the terms of the pre-match stipulations, means Jey has to acknowledge Reigns as the head of the family and do his bidding accordingly.

It is expected that Reigns will now lead the Usos as part of a heel stable going forward to run roughshod over SmackDown and enable him to remain the Universal Champion.

Credit: WWE

Since his return to SummerSlam, The Tribal Chief has been amongst the best acts showcased in WWE in years. His alliance with Paul Heyman and newly developed vicious streak/god complex has ensured fans who have been on his back for years have been won over by his new character.

It remains to be seen what Reigns’ next move will be but it will likely be with The Usos backing him up. Will this all lead to an Anoa’I family mega-match with The Rock at WrestleMania 37 in March? The signs do seem to be pointing in that direction but until then, let’s all enjoy Roman Reigns finally growing into the fantastic performer many have insisted has been present all along.