Roman Reigns Makes Challenge For Blockbuster SmackDown Main Event Next Week

Roman Reigns

This week’s SmackDown was one of the best we have seen in months.

The night started with Daniel Bryan and newly minted main-eventer Cesaro demanding WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns accept the challenge of putting the title on the line against The King Of Swing.

Reigns, keen as ever to do things on his terms, promised a response at the end of the show. The segment instead led to a tag match that pitted the two babyfaces against Seth Rollins and Jey Uso.

Bryan and Cesaro won what was an excellent match and WWE spent the rest of the night building anticipation for Reigns’s response.

When that came, he did not accept Cesaro’s challenge. Instead he laid out a challenge of his own to face him next week in the main event of next week’s SmackDown.

The belt would be on the line with the caveat being that if Bryan loses, he will be banished from SmackDown.

This was a great hook for next week’s show and provided a fitting end to a really well executed wrestling show.