Rikishi On Being Treated Like “A Freaking Rag Doll” By Family Member

Rikishi inside Hell In A Cell

Former WWE Hall Of Famer Rikishi has recalled a massive moment within his family where he had his teeth knocked out following a bold statement.

Rikishi made the mistake of saying to his Uncle Sika that wrestling was fake, and he soon learned a lesson to not use that word. Sika was famous in wrestling circles along with his brother Afa as one half of The Wild Samoans.

Coming from such a famous family, it’s no surprise that a younger member of the family was quickly put in his place. Speaking on Stories With Brisco and Bradshaw, Rikishi recounted the exact aftermath of his statement.

I made one false statement to my uncle Sika, like, ‘This stuff is fake.’ He goes, ‘Stop what you’re doing, what did you say?’ I said, ‘No, I didn’t say nothing, I didn’t say nothing.’ He says, ‘Come here, get in the ring.’ I go to get in the ring, here it goes. As we go to lock up, his right elbow slid right into my mouth right here, busted my whole teeth out. You would think somebody had taken a blade and cut my jaw, gushing out blood.

Now, when that happened, he looked at me and really grabbed me and had me open my eyes and look at him, and he told me, ‘If you’re gonna come into this business, don’t you ever, ever disrespect my bread and butter,’ and threw me down like a freaking rag doll.

The Anoa’i family certainly has The Bloodline running through WWE in the present day, with Roman Reigns currently holding the Universal Championship and Jimm and Jey Uso also holding the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

Rikishi was involved in a match which Jim Ross has recently classed as “an absolute debacle of booking“.

With thanks to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription.