Riddick Moss Given New Name & Look On SmackDown

Riddick Moss

As part of his alliance with Happy Corbin, Riddick Moss has now been provided with a new name and look.

Moss will now be known as ‘Madcap Moss’, and accompanied Corbin to the ring wearing an open shirt and yellow braces. It would also appear that Corbin’s ‘End Of Days’ finishing move has been renamed, as when he put away Kevin Owens on the Draft Special of WWE SmackDown, Michael Cole called it ‘Happy Days’.

It has been almost a year since Madcap Moss was in WWE, as he suffered a torn ACL.

Speaking via his Instagram account last year, Moss confirmed that he had been working through the injury as part of Raw Underground. Whilst carrying the injury for two months, Moss had still been on an undefeated streak when taking on the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Arturo Ruas. During his injury he also went undefeated on Main Event, and spoke of the amount of weights he had managed to lift whilst hurt. He originally debuted on Raw in January 2020 as Mojo Rawley’s ‘offensive lineman’ and ended up winning the 24/7 Championship just a few months later.

Moss is still waiting to have his first televised match back from injury, but has aligned himself with ‘Happy Corbin’ who is now on a winning streak after months of suffering on WWE SmackDown where he was forced to beg for money from fellow superstars.