Ric Flair Says He’d Wrestle Again But Admits – “Nobody Wants Me To Die On Their Watch”

Ric Flair standing in the ring wearing his robe.
Photo Credit: WWE

Despite being 72-years-old with a history of serious health problems, Ric Flair has said that he would “absolutely wrestle again.”

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has revealed that he would be open to stepping back in the ring one more time.

Ric Flair hasn’t wrestled since September 2011 when he was defeated by Sting in TNA. That match came more than three years after Flair had ‘retired’ at WrestleMania 24 where he was famously pinned by Shawn Michaels.

Speaking on the first episode of his new Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric Flair said that he could “absolutely” wrestle again. Furthermore, the 16-time World Champion claimed that he is currently in better shape than when he wrestled Sting on the final episode of WCW Monday Nitro two decades ago.

However, Flair also admits that he understands why WWE wouldn’t let him compete, explaining that “nobody wants me to die on their watch.”

“Most assuredly, and a lot of conversation. That talk hasn’t happened, but could I do it? Absolutely. I’m in better shape now than I was when Sting and I wrestled the last match on Nitro. WWE won’t let me do anything, even though I’m released. I understand, they have so much liability and I told them I would sign anything, but nobody wants me to die on their watch. I’d rather die in the ring. If I have to go. I’d rather not jump off the 19th floor or spend another 31 days in the ICU,”

Ric Flair hasn’t been under contract with a major wrestling company since leaving WWE in August. At the time Flair said that his decision to move on was purely business after it was reported that he had been unhappy with how he was being used on television.

Following his exit from WWE, Flair appeared at NWA 73 and AAA TripleMania.

The podcast is Flair’s first significant project since his was seemingly the accused of sexual assault on a recent episode of Dark Side of the Ring.

Ric Flair has denied the allegations made against him.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.

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