Ric Flair Reveals He Stopped Randy Savage Squashing Triple H In 5 Seconds

Randy Savage Triple H

According to Ric Flair, Randy Savage once wanted to beat Triple H in just five seconds, but the Nature Boy talked him out of it.

Before becoming The Game, Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque wrestled in WCW under the name Jean-Paul Levesque. In early 1994, he signed a one-year contract, and after serving his time, he left for the WWF in January 1995.

Meanwhile, Randy Savage left the WWF in December 1994 to join WCW. Though the two would only meet briefly, there was a possibility they would meet in the ring if the stars aligned.

Ric Flair, who was a member of WCW’s booking committee in the 1990s, revealed on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast that Randy Savage wanted to beat Levesque in a five-second match when he found out he was leaving for their competition. Flair stated unequivocally that he disagreed with the Macho Man:

“Randy came in and Hunter was leaving… that’s when I had something to say about it. It was Randy’s opinion that he beat Hunter in five seconds. I said, ‘Hunter has been here, he’s an established commodity. How about you wrestle Arn Anderson for 15 minutes and go [to] a draw?’”

On WCW Saturday Night, Savage did in fact challenge Arn Anderson for the WCW Television Championship, and because the match ended in a time limit draw, The Enforcer retained his title.

Ric Flair explained that despite the fact that Paul Levesque was leaving for another company, he didn’t want Randy Savage to destroy Levesque’s credibility as a young star who was on the rise:

“He [Savage] called me at home screaming. He said, ‘I blew up!’ I said, ‘Buy a Stairmaster.’ That idea of creaming the guy coming in, forget that. That’s why I was the guy to get creamed [lose], you’re not gonna cream some kid on his way out on a high road like Hunter was. Not gonna happen – not on my watch.”

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